P & P Family Auto Rental

Miami International Airport features a rental car center just outside its doors. Therein, you will find a multitude of different rental car companies to choose from, and one of them is P & P Family Auto Rental. Above all else, they claim that they will treat you like you are family.

Featuring a large fleet of diverse cars, from economic, compact vehicles to vans that fit up to 15 passengers, Family Auto Rental says that they are more than just a cheap car rental company. Instead they dub themselves a discount company because of their very low prices, when compared to the rest of the competitive market.

One great benefit that P & P Family Auto has is an excellent handle on customer service. P & P’s website features an in-depth FAQ section that is sure to solve any number of problems that customers may have with car rentals. However, should these answers not resolve your issues, the car rental company’s customer service staff is equally adept at doing so if you decide to call their toll-free number: 1-800-531-1177.

Another interesting amenity Family Auto Rental offers is their variety of specials, which basically cut daily and weekly rates on some of the most popular and attractive cars available today. Finally, if you should feel any fear at the thought of driving around in the greater Miami area, P & P Family Auto Rental only charges their customers $9.99 per day to rent a GPS that is state of the art.